Conservation through Science, Management, and Local Community Involvement
Thursday-Friday, November 13-14, 2014

Purpose: At no time in the recorded annals of wildlife management, have so many devoted so much to the management and conservation of a single species – the Greater Sage-grouse. The species is indicative of the health of the sagebrush ecosystem which many depend.

The International Sage-grouse Forum (ISGF) was held at the Radisson Hotel, Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on November 13-14, 2014. The ISGF brought together local sage-grouse working group members, landowners, county and city planners, energy industry environmental organization representatives, and local government officials from throughout the West to interact and dialogue with federal, regional, state sage-grouse conservation decision makers, wildlife managers, and biologists to further advance sage-grouse conservation through science, management and local community involvement. The ISGF will also highlight the magnitude and resolve of on-going range wide species conservation partnerships.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, recorded proceedings are available at no cost.

Participants Included:

  • Local Working Group members and participants, landowners and other sagebrush stewards
  • State and regional sage-grouse decision makers, county planners and
    local government officials
  • Energy industry planners and biologists,
  • State and Federal land and wildlife managers
  • Conservation districts and agricultural group representatives,
  • Academia, students
  • Anyone working to implement state sage-grouse plans via LWGs

The forum included sessions on the following topics:

  • Defining Your Place in the Conservation of Sage-grouse
  • Federal Land Management Plan Updates
  • Seeking Collective Solutions
  • History and Evolution of Sagebrush Landscape and Sage-grouse Conservation
  • The Sage Grouse Initiative: Partnerships in Action
  • Success in the Bi-State - Combining Biology, Policy and Win-win Solutions to Proactively Conserve the Bi-State Population
  • A Public Rancher’s Perspective: My View from the Saddle
  • State of the States and Provinces: Sage-grouse Population and Conservation Effort Status
  • Basic Sage-grouse Biology and Ecology
  • Sagebrush and Sage-grouse Landscape Management
  • Science to Solutions
  • Approaches to Mitigation
  • Predation and Hunting: Lightning Rods and Silver Bullets
  • Strategic Conservation Planning for Private/Public Lands
  • New Breakthroughs in Fire and Invasive Weed Management
  • Development, Disturbance, Fragmentation, and Habitat Loss
  • State and Province Plans Digested: In-depth Discussion
  • Sage-grouse Conservation: Setting the Tone for the Future